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Carina Test Automation Framework. Official press release

January 30,

Hey folks,

Today, Carina, our core automation framework we developed at Qaprosoft, has officially become open-source.

We decided to contribute to the communities of open-minded automated testers, developed Selenium, Appium and TestNG. Thank you guys, your effort made possible the great infrastructure to be settled.

In our turn, we united your technologies to build up a single solution for Java automation stack. Thanks everyone for your hard work and great ideas, everyone, who contributed to Carina so far.
February 13, 2018
Here's what we all can do now:

  1. Build test cases for WEB, Mobile (iOS, Android), API and DB layers based on Data-Driven Testing approach. A single instrument for all this listed stuff. That's it. We do our best to support Data Driven Approach so you can get the data you need from whatever source available.
  2. If you want your test to be run for both IOS and Android platforms, just add some platform specifics, code will be reused by 80% avg between iOS and Android. Yes, it saves tons of our time (or budget, you name it).

  3. Execute tests against any platforms in multiple threads. When it comes to test execution, here is the real variety of approaches you can use. You can run from either local or CI environments, include several platforms and get reports passed into multiple third party tools. The core mechanism we have inherited from Selenium Grid, so multithreading will let you get the testing results very rapidly. You can integrate Carina with a variety of cloud services like Amazon, Saucelabs, Browserstack or Qaprosoft Mobile Cloud.

  4. Get reports. Carina provides very thorough reporting for failed cases: logs at the customizable level, screenshots and videos. We also have integrated it with JIRA, so there is a smart algorithm which defines if the failure is a new bug or a known issue based on the stack trace and correspondent indicators. All the results can be emailed to the group of recipients or passed to your reporting tool.

10 minutes, this is the time your setup for Carina infrastructure will take.
Everyone is invited to use and contribute. Carina now is open and free forever.

Many thanks and my Best Regards,

Alex Khursevich,
VP of Products Division, Qaprosoft